Swift Creek home

5600 Swift Creek Dr., Mt. Vernon, WA 98273

Last updated 03/14/2010.

In October, 2009, we went househunting for a home for mom and dad, searching for a specific combination of price, size, accessibility, and location. The first house we found, in Marysville, had just been reduced and had four offers before we had a chance to bid! So, we kept looking. Constrained by the need for a one-story home, our search led us to Mount Vernon and the Quadrant Homes community of Skagit Highlands, where there were a limited number of homesites available with the ability to handle a one-story floor plan.

On October 16th, we chose a homesite - across from a park, with a gorgeous view of the Cascades - and signed the contract. This website catalogs the journey from search to finished home.

At the end of January, the house is half-done and firmly on track for closing in early March. The exterior siding is complete, drywall is in and painted, light fixtures up and working, and cabinets in the garage awaiting installation. There's a real porch, driveway, and back patio. Check out the galleries for the latest interior pictures!

See the most recent exterior picture here.

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