Dog Pictures - May, 2015

Top Row: Mika, Daisy.
Second Row: Mindy.
Third Row: Li'l Bear, Dusty, Monte.

Li'l Bear is a Cockapoo, and Dusty a Shorkie (Shih-Tzu / Yorkshire Terrier). Daisy was said to be a purebred Poodle, but she looks more like a purebred Bichon Frise, or at least a Poodle / Bichon Frise mix. Monte is a Terrier mix; a little larger than Dusty, and probably not quite the same mix. Mika and Mindy are Havanese / Poodle mixes..

Li'l Bear (born January, 2002) joined us in March, 2002; Curtis' manager had adopted Li'l Bear's mother from a shelter in Pennsylvania not knowing she was pregnant, and we adopted Li'l Bear from her. Pictures of Li'l Bear as a puppy, and his littermates, can be found here.

Daisy (born 2005?) was adopted from the Seattle Humane Society on November 29, 2008. They forget to put a hold on her, and we had to follow the mobile adoption center to a shopping mall in order to meet and adopt her.

Dusty (born January 30, 2010) lived with a colleague of Maryrita's until April, 2011, when his family could no longer take care of him. He was named "Hades" but we quickly renamed him "Dusty".

Monte (born July 20, 2009) was adopted from the Seattle Humane Society on June 4, 2013. He was originally named "Carter", but seemed to be much more of a "Montgomery" or "Monte".

Mika and Mindy (born March 7, 2015) were adopted from Ginger's Pet Rescue on May 1, 2015. They're part of a litter of five: three girls and two boys. Mom is Opal, and was rescued from a California shelter.

© Maryrita and Curtis Steinhour, 2013, 2015.