Dog Pictures - September, 2009

Top Row: Prancer at 10 years, Li'l Bear at 7 years, Li'l Bear and Daisy.
Second Row: Daisy at 4 years, after grooming, Daisy at 4 years after grooming grew out a little, Daisy at 4 years before grooming.
Third Row: Indy at 10 years, Scamp at 10 years.

Prancer and Indy are AKC registered Cocker Spaniels: Indy is "Little Miss Independent" and Prancer "Brown Velvet Prancer".

Indy and Prancer came to live with us in June, 1999 from a private kennel in upstate New York, when they were 7 and 4 months old, respectively. Pictures of Indy and Prancer as puppies can be found here. Indy died in her sleep on October 3, 2011.

Li'l Bear joined us in March, 2002; Curtis' manager had adopted Li'l Bear's mother from a shelter in Pennsylvania not knowing she was pregnant, and we adopted Li'l Bear from her. Pictures of Li'l Bear as a puppy, and his littermates, can be found here.

We adopted Scamp in August, 2006 from the Orcas Island shelter in Washington. His previous owner claimed that she had gotten him from an unnamed shelter for beads (!). The shelter mentioned that at one point Scamp's owner had 17 dogs and a camel. He died on June 29, 2010.

Daisy was adopted from the Seattle Humane Society in November, 2008. They forget to put a hold on her, and we had to follow the mobile adoption center to a shopping mall in order to meet and adopt her.

© Maryrita and Curtis Steinhour, 2009, 2011.