Dog Pictures

Collage of dog pictures

Top Row: Prancer at 4 months; Indy at 7 months.
Second Row: Indy at 13 months; Prancer at 5 months with Indy; Sunshine, 8 years.
Third Row: Sunshine, 8 years; Indy and Prancer with their Christmas bows, 13 months and 10 months; Indy, 8 months; Sunshine, Indy, and Prancer.
Bottom Row: Prancer, 10 months; Indy and Prancer, 4 months and 7 months; Sunshine, 8 years.

All three dogs are AKC registered Cocker Spaniels.
Sunshine is the buff one - "Golden Texas Sunshine II", Indy is black - "Little Miss Independent", and Prancer is chocolate - "Brown Velvet Prancer".

The picture below is of Little Bits (MR's Little Bits of Fudge) and Sunshine, Christmas 1998. Little Bits, an English Springer Spaniel, was put to sleep on June 17, 1999 - two days before his 13th birthday. Sunshine died in her sleep on January 17, 2005, at almost 13 years and 9 months.

Little Bits and Sunshine

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