Prancer (Brown Velvet Prancer) 1999 - 2015

Prancer was put to sleep in the morning of April 21, 2015. Liver failure most likely related to her Cushing's Disease finally caught up with her; her gums suddenly began bleeding and it was clear that failure to have the blood clot would cause her death in short order.

We got Prancer from Mulberry Farm, then a breeder of small cocker spaniels, in June, 1999. She was 4 months old then, and a real snuggle-puppy; when the breeder brought her out, she just laid happily in our laps and asked to be petted on her tummy. She would always lay next to you on the couch and was the most laid-back cocker spaniel we've ever seen. Even though blind and deaf for the last couple of years, she made her way around the house and ate and drank well. Prancer and Indy, who we got at the same time, were inseparable while Indy still lived; in the later years of Prancer's life Daisy would curl up next to her.



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