MR's Little Bits of Fudge (Little Bits) (1986 - 1999)

Little Bits was put to sleep on June 13, 1999 because he was suffering from congestive heart failure. He had gotten to the point of being so weak that he was sleeping most of the time and unable to move.

He was an AKC-registered purebred English Springer Spaniel. We got him as a puppy in summer, 1986 from a fellow IBM employee in the Hudson Valley who had bred his two Springers. He was chosen because he came over and started chewing on Maryrita's braids as she sat on the ground with the puppies. His name came from the squarish brown markings on his white nose.

He was a wonderful, happy dog that loved to be with us. He got out of the fence in Cairo once, and promptly went to the front door and sat there, waiting to be let in. On the night we brought Sunshine home (and therefore were later coming home from work than usual, he scratched his way past the (full) box of wine bottles blocking the inside fence in the basement, jumped out of the open basement window through the screen, and stayed in the back yard until we got home. We were greeted by glowing amber eyes at the fence!

We only have one digital picture; leaving placeholders for scanned-in pictures.




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