L'il Bear 2002 - 2016

We put L'il Bear down on January 12, 2016. He has been struggling with blindness, deafness, and incontinence and skin rashes due to a spinal injury that healed incorrectly (we didn't even know he'd had an injury until it start affecting wagging his tail and his other functions). He was getting around the house well despite the blindness and deafness, but eventually he just started wandering, and it was time.

We got L'il Bear from Curtis' manager at MetLife; she'd adopted a shelter dog who (unbeknownst to her) was pregnant. She chose to keep the mother and one of the puppies and gave the rest away. L'il Bear was the runt of the litter - and the only white one! The night he came home was memorable - we introduced him to the other dogs, then headed downstairs to the basement for something, only to discover several inches of water! The rest of L'il Bear's first night with us was spent sleeping as we stayed up all night with the cleanup team.

He got along well with every other dog we've had, and was a laid-back cuddly friend.



Copyright Maryrita and Curtis Steinhour, 2016.