Daisy 2005? - 2017

When we came downstairs on the morning of January 10, 2017, it was to find Daisy on the floor of the kitchen. It looked as if she had been walking from the family room to the kitchen and just collapsed. She appeared at first to be asleep, but it was clear when she didn't rouse to Mindy's barking and with a closer look I could see she wasn't breathing that she had passed on. We don't know why; while she'd been taking medication for pulmonary hypertension, it was working well and she'd not had any fainting episodes since starting the meds. The doctor thinks it was her heart arrythmia, but even she was surprised.

We adopted Daisy from the Seattle Humane Society the day after Thanksgiving (November 27), 2008. We had gone in the day before Thanksgiving, but it was late in the day and they didn't want to spend the time with meet 'n' greet, so asked us to return the day after Thanksgiving, and they would put a hold on her in the meantime. However, someone messed up and she was sent out with the mobile adoption van! After a panicked hour or so, they finally contacted the van and had *them* hold her for us. We drive to a strip mall in Renton, and had our meet 'n' greet on the sidewalk, walking the other dogs back and forth from the car to Daisy in the crowds and pouring rain. Finally, we got to take our little girl home.

She was feisty to the end, facing down Monte (who weighed four time what she did!) to keep her status as pack leader. Every night, she came to the back door to greet me when I came home.



Copyright Maryrita and Curtis Steinhour, 2017.